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Pointe Shoes by Freed of London


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Pointe Shoes


Freed of London

Frederick Freed, started to handcraft and customise pointe shoes for professional dancers in the heart of London's theatre land, today nearly 250,000 pairs of Classic Pointe Shoes are manufactured in the traditional 'turn-shoe' method by Freed of London every single year, each and every one painstakingly hand crafted by a highly skilled maker. Two thirds of all Classic Pointe Shoes are made to Dancer's individual specifications which require accuracy to within 3 mm.

In 1996 Freed of London developed and launched the Studios pointe shoe range. This heralded a new era in pointe shoe production for Freed of London with the marriage of the latest manufacturing technology together with the history and experience of our founder. The unique making technique of the Studios pointe shoes ensures consistency and uniformity with every pair of shoes, while still encompassing the world famous key features our pointe shoes are known for. It is the combination of skill, expertise and dedication to the customer that gives the Freed pointe shoe its world renowned reputation of excellence.

Classic Collection

Classic Pro Collection

Studio Collection

Classical Special Orders

Our Special Order Pointe Shoes are the jewel in our crown. They are hand lasted by our highly trained shoe makers here in the UK. The wide range of different options and combinations mean that the Freed Special Order Pointe Shoe can become whatever the dancer needs. It is the perfect tool designed specifically to enhance and enable the dancer’s performance.

We offer this level of individual service to all dancers, from students to Prima Ballerinas, wherever they are in the world.

As a special order it is possible to request any combination of the following. Please contact our sales team for advice regarding special order pointe shoes.

Colour and Fabric: Satin: Black, white, red. Canvas: black, white, pink. Leather: black, white, pink and limited edition fabrics.

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