Pointe Shoe Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work out what style and size my shoes are?

You can find all the size and style information on the outer sole of your pointe shoes.

From heel upwards this will be: Style (black in stamp) > Maker> Width >Size


How do I know what style is best for me?

We make pointe shoes to suit every dancer, please CLICK HERE to read full descriptions of all our styles.


How do I work out what size I need?

CLICK HERE to read our How to Fit Pointe Shoe Guide.  Alternatively, if you need more advice and support with finding your size please contact our London Shop Fitting Team at shop@freed.co.uk


Do pointe shoe makers change the size or style of the shoes?

No, the production process does not allow the makers to alter the fit or characteristic of our stock shoes.  All makers follow the “recipe” for each style of shoe, using the specific ingredients for the block, and the particular insole for that model.


Can I return the pointe shoes if they don’t fit?

We are happy to accept returns of our stock styles providing that the shoes are in perfect resalable condition.  The shoes must be without any marks on the sole or satin, and not softened in any way.  To avoid the shoes become dirty we suggest that you try them on standing on a clean tea towel.  We also recommend that you to show the shoes to your teacher and get their opinion about fit and suitability.


How long do pointe shoes last?

The life span of a pointe shoe depends on many things: dynamic of the dancer’s physique, how many times a week the shoes are being worn, what type of floor is being danced on, each dancers experience is unique.


How can I tell if my shoes are worn out?

When pointe shoes are worn out, they insole and block become very soft.  You will feel unsupported then rising up on to pointe.  If it doubt, ask your ballet teacher to check the shoes for you.


How do you break pointe shoes in?

We do not advise students to break their pointe shoes in.  We sell many different types and strengths to suit different physics and levels of technique.


How should I store my pointe shoes between classes?

Freed pointe shoes are made of natural substances that are designed to adsorb the sweat produced by your body as you dance.  To maximise their lifespan and retain the original shaping of the block we advise that you stuff the block with tissue paper after use.


Is it safe to wear pointe shoes without training and teacher supervision?

We do not recommend using pointe shoes without first completing several years of ballet training.  It is also best to undertake your pointe work training in a class environment, supervised by a ballet teacher.


Can I order shoes by pointe shoe maker?

You cannot order shoes by maker on our website.  If you wish to find out if we have stock of a particular maker in your size and style, or need detailed advice about any aspect of our pointe shoes please contact our London Shop Fitting Team by email at shop@freed.co.uk


How do I arrange Special Order pointes?

If you need something that isn’t available from stock, this will become a Special Order.  Please email our London Shop Fitting team who will be able to advise you further on shop@freed.co.uk


Do Freed pointe shoes come with ribbon and elastic?

No, ribbon and elastic are sold separately.  Please CLICK HERE for our advice about where to position the ribbon and elastic for maximum support.


Should I wear toe pads?

Wearing toe pads inside your pointe shoes is not a negative, providing that the shape and size complement your foot.  Toe pads should not be too thick or large; this will result in altering the size of shoe that you need.  It is also important that the toe pad is shaped to comfortably fit your toes inside. If it is too tapered, your movement inside the shoe will be restricted.

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